Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Down 44 to Go.

And now the major state of New York will join the 4 other new England states and the lonely Midwestern state in the equality of all people. Gay people can now marry freely (In a month if you want to technical). This again a very important step in full equality, and I hope I can soon says "All 50 down, No left to go". I want full marriage not just civil unions that make Gay people continue to seem inferior to straight people. When i was going throw NY to come back to Montreal I saw a sign that said "If you Don't like Gay marriage don't get gay married." How true if you don't like it don't do it. I have no doubt all 50 states will legalize full Gay rights it is truly just a matter of time, and people have got to get with the times. the truth is people there are Gay people and if you don't like why would they care? Because apparently unlike straight marriage you need to vote on whether it may be allowed. let's stop the stupidity and just allow Gay marriage to be legal fully.

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