Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soon is Too Soon, But Later is too Late

Today Liberals decide to not postpone the leadership election for 2013. The Leadership convention will be held in Fall. I think a convention in Fall with no money on hand especially (that candidates will have to fund raise the money to enter and some Liberal Candidates in 2006 convention couldn't  pay on time) isn't the really going to start a party if you ask me. Although I want a leadership election I think it would be wise to delay it. The current proposal which is going to be voted on Saturday says that the election will be between 2012 November to 2013 February. I think delaying a leadership race is smart, but I am worried that we may be delaying the race way too long. Harper will only have this majority for 5 years, and knowing many Canadian Majority Governments they tend to last around 4 years (And Harper has already lied twice about fixed election days). So waiting One year before an election to have a new leader is bad. the past two leaders we've had has only lasted 2 years, because we only gave them one shoot at the can. We can't keep changing leaders every time the sky turns Blue. We have too stick to a leader for at least two election especially when the Government only lives 2 years. I think we should delay the leadership race, but the date should be beginning to mid 2012 That gives us one year to rebuild and prepare. So November 2012 I think is too late, but better than this October. So given a choice between this October and November 2012 I would chose October 2012, but no later.

Update: just learned about Jeff Jedras proposal and I must say it is what the party needs as a compromise to the leadership election being in 2013.

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  1. I think Harper or anyone else has four years...... although Harper did not go by it in 2008, it still is there.


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