Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Should We Keep The Royals?

The Royals are coming to Canada this summer. With the comments from people like Amir Khadir saying that the Royals are Parasite's. It may bring to Question on the Issue of whether we should stay in the monarch.  According to recent polls the idea of staying in the monarchy is somewhat more popular than leaving. The main province for the leaving of the monarchy is of course Quebec, and the main supporters are of course the west.

It's sometimes very funny to hear people say that we spend so much money on the monarchy. It's true we do give the monarchs some money. But if you compare the money that Canadians spend on the monarchy (50 million) to the total spending our government spends over 280 Billion. 50 million isn't even a rounding number. I think that if we are going to have a debate on whether to keep the monarchy or not it shouldn't be the savings of a few million (which is what it is in real terms) it should be the principle of the matter.

So the real question is why should we give money not why are we giving this x amount of cash. You could say that the monarchy holds a lot of history in Canada , and that is true and in Canada we spend a lot of money protecting historical parks and battle fields that are directly linked to the times of New France and the monarch. We still give a day off in this country for Victoria day (while in Quebec they have rebellion day). I think  the monarch is somewhat useful as it gives real tangible people to represent that time in history. If there was a referendum on keeping the monarch I would vote in favor.


  1. I think the Royals should stay. All the Scandanavian Countries have one as well as Holland.I do not like the Idea of a Republic. Look at the U.S...they love the Royals but gsve thm up at the Boston tea party.

  2. The real question isn't whether we should keep the monarchy or not. The real question is do you want the monarchy and if not what do you want? It's sort of like asking whether people want Harper as Prime Minister. A majority will likely say no. But then ask them who'd make a better Prime Minister: Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff or Jack Layton. Then a majority will say Steven Harper. The alternative to the monarchy is a republic, but there's not just one choice for a republic. Should we replace the Queen with a President elected by the people or elected by the House of Commons - or should we scrap the position altogether and roll-up its powers into the position of Prime Minister?

  3. We cannot continue to have a foreigner as head of state.
    People says the Royals are Canadian
    1. They don't pay taxes here
    2. They don't have health insurance
    3. They don't have social insurance numbers
    4. They don't have Canadian passports or citizenships
    5. They don't even work in Canada

    Therefore what place do they have in Canada?

    Let's hav a free, fair and open democratic election to select our head of state.
    Every other democratic country does it.


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