Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Junk Science week!

The National Post is having their annual Junk Science week! In it, they discuss some of the junk science that has cropped up in the last year, as well as the science that has reverted to junk. They also discuss the impacts said junk has on public policy. check it out here.


  1. the report doesn't say that Climate change isn't real it just says that some of the effects will be less drastic in some of the projections. The report say's nothing about the rising temperature and how that effects the polar bears or extreme weather. a science report says that every year the great lakes get smaller and might in the future because of climate change disappear, because of the redistribution of the water as a result of Climate Change.

  2. @vanillaman When did I even insinuate that on this post? Also which report are you referencing?

  3. you didn't make any of these refrences, but the article is saying in many times that Climate change is being over hyped by using terms like

    "IPCC myths about the impact of climate change."


    using the term Alarmist.

    The article makes the case that Climate change won't effect the planet I am simply showing that there are many other parts of Climate change which are scientificly proven that isn't metioned in the article.

    The report is metioned in the article link


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