Friday, June 03, 2011

The House Sits! Let the Politics Begin!

Now that the house is now going to work we will see the the truth of the Conservative Government. The Conservatives now have there first speaker of the house. The Bloc will be sitting in four seats way in the back right next to Elisabeth May! Who was sworn in just recently! Harper stated he will reduce the voter subsidy every year and eventually eliminate it all together. When the Liberals get back into government we will reenact the voter subsidy and eliminate the new control the Conservatives would like to hand over Big oil companies. The Problem I see coming up is that the Finace minister said that the deficit target will be meet, but if they continue to reduce taxes on major corporations that are already profitable in Canada I wonder how they will stay on target without cutting. Harper will have to chose between a rock and a rough place. Either cut into popular programs or scrap the early deficit target and blame the Liberals for only giving him 15 billion dollars in surplus. If history is any indicator the Conservatives will probably cut here and there, but will not meet there deficit target like Brain Mulroney. I can see Harper put another deficit target in 2-3 years, Kind of like his CO2 targets they get worse every year! Hopefully Harper doesn't put up too big of a deficit.

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