Thursday, June 30, 2011

Republicans Unrealistic

You think that the Republicans would be serious about reducing he deficit that they should look at ways to reduce the deficit without hurting the economy too bad. John Boehner is again sticking with the idea that as long as millionaires get more money poor seniors will somehow be able to pay for the drugs. Apparently the Republicans think that before we can give health care and drugs to the poor and the seniors. The rich in our society deserve justice as they are taxed already the lowest in the industrialized world in respects to income  tax.  As leader of the house of representative that represent the whole U.S.A he should look out for everyone not just millionaires. Taxing the rich a little more would be a nice start then move to put the taxes under Bill Clinton back and you already have 300 Billion. Raising the retirement age and medicare age would be much better than completely eliminating the programs.

John Boehner had a very interesting quote for the president about raising taxes on the rich 

"The longer the president denies these realities, the more difficult he makes this process," Boehner stated.
 It be more like the other way around if you ask me. John Boehner is being unrealistic by saying that Obama is dreaming when he says we can get money by raising taxes on the rich, when John Boehner what's to almost eliminate medicare.
"With a fragile economy, tax hikes on our job-creators in the name of debt reduction is bad policy, especially since our debt crisis is fueled by unsustainable spending," Hatch said.
 Hatch should know that before 2000 the U.S had a surplus and a strong economy. The reason we went into deficit was because of two wars, and a big tax cut to mostly the richest Americans. So it seems that taxing the job creators (which by the way isn't major millionaires it is small business owners) who by the way with a higher taxes than today created millions of jobs in the 1990's.  

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