Monday, June 27, 2011

What A Show!

I haven't seen a filibuster in a while, but boy was that something. The Conservatives got there bill passed and now workers will reluctantly go to work Tuesday. The NDP stopped there filibuster and it will take about a week in my estimate for mail flow to go completely back to normal. The government's bill was clearly very biased towards the negotiations. Forcing lower wages then were even on the table if they didn't get back to work. I think the parliament made too much of a big deal over nothing. The wage difference is truly a fraction if you look at the whole program. So why was there this major problem. It was more of an ideological fight then a true fight. The Conservatives don't need to compromise they have a majority. The NDP could have filibuster much longer, but of course eventually they knew it would be too much so they folded, and just made a big enough scene to get attention. I think if it were a minority government we would have been able to come to a compromise that didn't leave tension with the Postal union.

P.S Doggy and Owner will be gone for most of the summer he may pop in and out, but I promise now that my vacation to Washington D.C is done posting will go back to normal.

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