Wednesday, June 01, 2011

An Interesting Poll to Consider

A new poll shows that a majority of Canadians don't really support Conservative policies. 53% said that they didn't want the Corporate taxes to drop and only 39% agreed. On the Fighter jets 52% disagreed with a purchase and 37% agreed. On the Long Gun registry the country is split on what to do, but currently it's 46%-43%in favor of keeping the registry.  So how did Harper get elected.

Well he didn't really run on these policies in the first place, and guess what he only needed to get 40% to get his majority around where his policy approval is. Yet again a reason to reform the house. As it shows once again the only right wing party just needs to get the right wing vote to get a majority even though a majority didn't like the Conservative policies. Here is another interesting fact. A overwhelming majority support senate reform I wonder how much support house reform. The poll doesn't even mention abolishing the senate, but if people are interested in senate reform I don't know why they aren't interested in abolishing the senate.

On the issue of a merger I am glad to say that both our parties said No! by a huge margin might I add. 75% of NDP voters said no and 72% said no. A merger isn't happening. It seems Liberals want to keep the core centrist and fiscally responsible party.

The poll also found little support for a merger between the NDP and Liberal Party, an idea that re-surfaced after the Liberals lost official opposition status in the House of Commons.
Three-quarters of NDP polled and 72 per cent of Liberals said they oppose a merger between the two parties. 
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  1. Interesting that Liberals had no interest in election reform when they were winning majorities with 38-40% of the vote. Somehow now that the Liberals are out of power a majority is no longer valid with 40% of the vote.

  2. well I am not a normal Liberal and I hope if we learned anything from the last election is that proportional represenatation is the best way to go.

  3. by the way I supported Proportional representation way before Ignatieff became the leader


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