Monday, June 06, 2011

First Real Debate!

The race for Obama's opponent is now almost at the beginning. It's not quite there to say many candidates are still not fully in. Candidate's like Bachman, Palin and Giuliani all major factors at this point at least according to the polls aren't even in the exploratory phase, but currently we have 10 candidates in the race for sure and 3 in exploratory phase. Here's something interesting. there is going to be a debate in New Hampshire and 7 candidates are coming 5 of which are fully declared candidates 1 is in exploratory and Banchman the one who isn't officially looking interested in the White House is going to the debate. This will be the first real debate as major candidates Like Gingrich, Banchman, Mitt Romney will be attending a debate. This debate will be interesting. I can see most Republicans attack Romney on Health care (because in Massachusetts Romney passed a law that forced all people to get health care insurance like Obama health care bill) I can see Paul and Banchman attack each other on who will best represent the Tea party. This debate will be fun and if you think seven is crowded then just wait for the debate's in the Fall with possibly 14-15 people tops. The front runner now for me is Mitt Romney.

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