Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is It Really a Win?

Canada managed to keep asbestos off the hazardous list. We in Canada don't use asbestos, because it's not safe enough for us, but we are glad to continue to export this material to India where we assume it's being used "properly". We are one of the only western nations to continue to sell it to other countries. We were the only western nation to push to keep the hazardous product off the list of dangers chemicals. The Marc Garneau stated that there is no way too know at all if the product will be used safely.

"This minister knows full well that it's very difficult to use chrysotile in the proper working conditions. The procedures, the training, the complex equipment to use it in a safe way so that fibres aren't accidentally breathed in," Garneau said.
Minister Paradis continues to say that Asbestos can be used properly with no risk, but again doesn't respond to the possibility as Garneau stated that there is no way too know if it is being used properly in under developed countries that don't have the equipment to use the chemical responsibly.

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  1. The liberals were in power from 1993-2006, and did nothing to ban the export of asbestos.

    The reality of the situation is that no one wants to pay the political price (Quebec government, federal Conservatives or federal Liberals) for getting rid of about 400 jobs in a city (aptly named Asbestos, QC) with high unemployment.


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