Saturday, June 04, 2011

The "Page" Was Out Of Line!

In our democracy we are allowed to have opinions, and I encourage all those who have opinions to express them. I do on the other hand am against a page who works for the government voicing her opinion. She may have a political opinion and i would be happy to hear it, but disturbing the senate isn't the way to do it. It is not her job as an employee of the Government to voice her opinion, but if she wants she can make it her duty to voice her opinion to the world by starting I don't know a Blog!!!! I would be happy to read it, but unfortunately she decided to voice her opinion in the wrong way. What she did rather than pointing to Harper's mistakes she rather deflected it to her, and it is a shame. A true shame that people feel that the only way to be heard is to do something crazy like this. She made the issue of the day not Harper's policy on the economy, environment or the deficit. She made the issue of the day herself. She didn't support her cause she destroyed her cause. I don't think we should be supporting people to voice their opinion this way. Even Green party leader Elisabeth May agrees.

"I sympathize enormously with youth in this country who feel they've been abandoned when the single greatest threat to their future isn't mentioned in the speech from the throne, and that, of course, is the climate crisis."
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  1. The senate must screen candidates more competently in the future. I have no doubt there was evidence of her "Kookiness"

    I despise this sort of stunt. If she pulled this stunt in some parts of the world she claims she wants to emulate she'd be dead. She'd have been shot on the spot or perhaps hung.The irony is she is attacking the very institution that guarantees her safety. It is ignorant.

    I always wonder why people protest in democracies while staying silent on the barbaric behaviour of other gov't styles. They do it because it is safe and easy. It is cowardly.

    As for May's comments. The single biggest threat to the country is not the environment but rather people who think there are easy solutions to fixing the problem. The environmentalists worldwide have accomplished nothing in two decades. This was predictable. It is foolish to believe that will change anytime soon.

  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  3. Happy wanderer i couldn't disagree with you even if i wanted to,well said!

  4. Time to move on, nothing but lapdogs here.

  5. She got your attention, didn't she?
    For the few seconds of exposure she got on the senate floor she got more attention drawn to her cause than the average blogger will get in a lifetime.

  6. She was famous for the wrong reasons Brain, and that isn't the good kind of famous.


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