Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raise the Debt Ceiling!

Some Republicans are living in a fantasy world thinking that there is way to continue business as usual even though the debt is above the debt ceiling. Even if the Government cuts hundreds of billion today the debt would still get above the debt ceiling, meaning one of two things must happen. Either the government will shut down and the U.S credit rating will lower or what is more likely to happen raising the debt ceiling. It's like someone telling a bank "I may or may not pay my payment in the end of the month." That sort of fiscal idea's are stupid and will make it harder to get out of a deficit. We all know that eventually (probably the day before) they will come to a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Both sides are just making a bit of political drama now. I blame many people for this problem, but the #1 person I blame is the Democrats who knew they would have to raise the debt ceiling again when they first raised it a year ago. Why didn't they raise it more so there would not be this mess. Did they really think they would keep the senate and the house in 2010 to raise the debt ceiling no problem. They controlled the house and the senate they should have risen it by at least a 2 trillion to give a lot of leg room for the future.

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