Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Airport security tightens up

The governments is putting in body scanners on airplanes all across Canada.This is great,because we can find out if someone is trying to take bombs in a airplane.Now here are the important facts the person who looks at the picture will be in a separate room and will never meet the passenger.The picture that is taken will not be saved,kept or printed says Transport Minister John Baird.Transport Minister John Baird also said there will be a watch system to look at suspicious passengers and have enhanced screening.This is outrageous what he is saying that Canada is doing racial profiling,but if you think it is okay to do racial profiling then terrorist groups are going to specifically pick people who are not what we are looking for. Canadian Civil Liberties Association general counsel Natalie Des Rosiers said she had concerns about the behavioural screening plan, which she says could be used to single out certain groups for racial profiling. Transport Canada will also set up an airport watch system to look for suspicious passengers and tab them for enhanced screening, Baird said. CBC News has confirmed that the machines, which can scan through clothing, be installed in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

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  1. we need body scanners to protect all of us!!!


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