Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The artic is melting!

A new study by a U.S research institute shows that Canadian arctic ice is melting 30 days before it usually does from 1979. For example let's say that the arctic ice in Canada melts in March 1 in 1979, and now it is melting on February 1. Now this means that the ice is melting sooner and melting more with the ice freezing less for a less amount of time.Which means that if the ice melts sooner and with hotter climate it melts more during the spring and summer,and it freezes less because the winter is getting warmer and freezes for a less amount of time because it melts sooner. Now with this happening we are losing ice which raises sea levels. We have to reduce our emissions. The gradually opening water could affect everything from access to Arctic resources to habitat for animals such as seals and polar bears.


  1. You do realize that if sea ice melts it has zero effect on sea levels. Right? You know that?

    Try an experiment: Fill a glass with ice cubes from your freezer then top it up with water to the rim of the glass. Let it sit on the counter until the ice melts. Observe if the water overflows the glass. I'll be waiting for you to report back.

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  3. yes that right when ice melts the water that created the ice just leaves off the face the earth and into outer space much like Stephen Harper approval rating

    ice melts and it is turned into water and when there is more water sea levels rise and here is a science question for you what happens when cold water is heated the Particle theory says it will expand.


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