Thursday, January 21, 2010

The truth about prorogation

I am going to tell you the truth not what the left is saying about prorogation and not just what the right is saying. The truth is when both houses (house of commons and the senate) have finished a session business, Parliament is prorogued until the next session, which must,by law,come within a year. so Harper had to prorogue Parliament at least 1 a year, but I do not think the first time when a vote of confidence in the house is the end of a session business. The second time I do not think a afghan detainee torture committees is the end of business. So you may still believe what you believe, but at least you know that what Harper did was legal,also in my opinion just playing politics.


  1. That simply is not true. I worked for the House of Commons for over thiry years and I know that is not true. Sesssons often last more than a year, but rarely over two years. Prorogations usually only last a few days, not a few months.

    Proroguing to start a new session is perfectrly proper. roroguing to shut down Parliament is not.

  2. excuse me but i just quoted a book from the library of parliament i do not know what you were told but i did not make this up this book is written for Canadians to understand how are government works.

  3. by the way this book is given to immagrants to learn for the citizenship test so i believe this book is a reliable source


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