Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Rreid might lose in 2010

Although maybe a bit to early to predict, a poll was made in Nevada shows that only 33% of people have a favorable opinion about him, and 52% have a non favorable opinion on him. With republican support on the rise, Health care bill still not passed and with the new report that Harry Reid did say racist comments his reelection is not looking good. In many polls shows him pretty behind of probable 2010 candidates.He might be getting a bigger hit in this because he has a major part in Health care bill and since it has not passed him, Obama and Nancy Pelosi are all getting hit. In his state 54% do not like the health care legislation,but that can change considering that the health care bill has not been written yet,but never the less Nevada is not so supporting of the Health care bill. Many republican or anti-Harry Reid campaigns are fundraiser and spending money already for the fall election,but Harry Reid campaign seems like there trying to get ready for the election too. So Barack Obama will want him to get reelected because he is a big power in the senate. Now if Harry Reid wins it will be close, but now this is one of the major races to watch.

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