Thursday, January 07, 2010

High Speed Rail Needed

Britain has invested in high speed rail, France and Japan have had it for ages and our closest neighbor, the U.S. has put up a special fund for it. Most of the Western world supports it yet we still have to hear from Stephen Harper. Rail is the clean environmental alternative to flying and driving. It's also profitable. The only line that makes makes money in the US is the Acela Express and even that doesn't really run at high speed. However I disagree with Derek Moscato on the fact that we should be paying more attention to the Cascades line. The Corridor makes up more than half of Via Rail's profits. The implementation of high speed rail would make attract more passengers and increase profits even more. Then, we can concentrate on expanding the system.
It’s time for Canada to wake up to the reality of high-speed rail. While federal politicians pay limited lip service to the idea of connecting our urban regions with this sustainable and efficient mode of transport, other countries are forging ahead with more concrete plans.
Last week, U.K. Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis declared to the BBC that 2010 would be the year of the bullet train. 
“I want Britain to be a pioneer in low-cost, mass-market high-speed rail,” he said, noting the lines could be developed through public-private partnerships.
South of the border, U.S. President Barack Obama has made huge strides toward high-speed rail projects across the U.S., setting aside at least $8 billion for such projects.

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