Saturday, January 23, 2010

High speed rail surprise

High speed rail might be coming to Canada in a way we never expected. The US state of Minnesota has planned a huge HSR plan connecting a number of cities one of which includes Winnipeg. Whoa! Never expected that coming! Even though the Winnipeg link wouldn't be completed until 2030, the way our government acts (or doesn't since it's prorogued), you'd think that they are trying to destroy rail travel. This HSR link would connect Winnipeg to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago and many other communities. If our politicians aren't going to bring the way of the future to Canada, I guess the US will. Hopefully, once Winnipeg is connected, the other provinces and the rest of America will build our own interconnected rail network.
ST. PAUL, Minn -- The Minnesota Department of Transportation here is developing a plan that could have a profound impact on our railways and airlines.
Earlier this month, the department released the most sweeping rail plan in Minnesota's history. It proposes high-speed passenger rail links among the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and other communities such as Chicago, Duluth and Winnipeg.
The Winnipeg link, which would be started in 2030, poses some age-old problems for Canadian politicians: Should Canada's rail services move goods and people east and west through Canada or should they be integrated with those in the United States?

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