Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the power of one

Scott Brown has just been elected Massachusetts first republican senator since 1972. This may sound so small and will not do anything, but Obama had 60 democrats in the senate, but since this latest win republicans push to the big 41, and Obama down to 59. This means that since all the republicans including Scott Brown will vote against Obama health care bill. The bill will not pass. The democrats can do another way to pass the bill with just a tiny majority of 51, but this will be very time consuming. Time the democrats do not really have, because the mid term election is coming in the end of next year. Which will give the republicans enough time to out fundraise the democrats (while they are trying to pass health care) and be able to out spend them in the next election. Second even if health care does pass it will take a while and many other people who care about diffrent issues like gay marriage will not be so motivated to vote democrat, and people who care about terrorism will be more motivated to vote republican, because their issue is being ignored.

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