Friday, January 22, 2010

Reduce PM's Powers

The NDP proposed today to reduce the PM's powers to avoid an anti-democratic prorogation. Parliament would be able to be prorogued only if the House majority voted for it. A great idea. This will stop future Prime Ministers from going election crazy or prorogue crazy. The power of a PM to call an election should also be reduced. The Prime Minister must have a valid reason; not a random excuse like the election of 2008. The Liberals haven't responded on this platform yet. I hope that they will follow the lead of the NDP and also reduce the anti-democratic powers of the PM.


  1. That would be patently unconstitutional on its face. The Croqn has the right to prorogue on the Advice of HM First Minister. It would take constitutinal admendment to change that. iffy has already said he will not chang that. That kind of change would require the consent of 10 provinces and the upper and lower house.

  2. I am a Liberal and agree with the good intentions of Jack. Where does the GG fit in here?


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