Saturday, January 09, 2010

Proroguing Parliment Puts burden on Harper

A new poll done by EKOS shows that ever since the last poll on Dec 17, Harper's popularity has dropped 2.8% putting him down to 33.1% ,while the Liberals grew 1.1% and that puts them at 27.8%. They're still behind but that puts the 9% (which is 2% less of a lead Harper had in the 2008 election) into 5% lead. This is a sign that people aren't so happy with Harper and with 3 month of this the lead could get much smaller and maybe could put the Liberals ahead. One suprising part is that the NDP lost 1% from the last poll. Usually when the people are not happy with the government some of them go to a smaller party. Maybe they have all gone to the Green party which has grew 2.2% from last poll and put the green at 13.4%,and are above 10% in every part of the country and are ahead of the NDP in Alberta,Quebec and even Ontario. In Quebec, the Bloc still have a lead, but Harper is back down to 14.6% while the liberals are back up to 27.5%.

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