Saturday, January 16, 2010

don't ask don't tell policy might be revoked

In 1993 a law was passed in the U.S that homosexuals are not to come into the military only if they did not mention that they were gay. Now many lawmakers and congressman's say that they want an amendment to revoke that policy in the military budget. I think that this is outrageous. If you want to revoke this policy fine but to try, and say that if you want money to go to our military then you need to revoke this policy is childish. I say if you want to revoke this policy have one bill just on this policy. Now the urban Institute reported in 2004 that 2.8% of those serving are homosexuals. now there are many generals, officers, lawmakers and politicians that have said they want the policy revoked, and also many other generals, officers,lawmakers and politicians want the policy to stay, but in the house only 187 congressman's say they support revoking the policy.186 democrats and 1 republican. I think that homosexuals should be able to openly serve in the military.

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