Monday, January 18, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Howard M. Greenfield's letter  appeared today in the Gazette. He expresses what I've been dying to say. Harper says that Parliament should work, especially during this recession. He also says that the opposition is blocking progress. But, didn't Harper prorogue Parliament two years in a row. What "work" happened during the prorogations? MPs should be back in Parliament working to improve our country.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's constant claim that he speaks for ordinary Canadians is a little less credible since his proroguing of Parliament for the second straight year. Harper thinks that such issues are only of concern to tedious intellectuals and talking heads. But the Timbits bunch that he courts so assiduously will want to know why MPs get a two-month paid mid-winter holiday while the rest of us who are lucky enough to have work are expected to show up every day.
When the opposition becomes fractious, the prime minister scolds the House, advising the MPs that Canadians want Parliament to work. Someone should tell him that for Parliament to work, parliamentarians must be at work.
Howard M. Greenfield

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