Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Corridor good for High Speed Rail

The head of the SNCF has claimed that the Quebec City-Windsor corridor is good for high speed rail. He says that there are enough passengers to make building a high speed rail link worthwhile. Now we have recognition and support from the head of rail from another country. But, in Canada, there have only been studies done on high speed rail. The SNCF, those who pioneered the TGV are saying that this corridor is great for a high speed rail link. We already knew that but obviously, the government isn't listening to the citizens and the one of the first countries to develop high speed rail commercially. Now that it's 2010, maybe the tables will turn and this rail link will become a reality.
There are enough people along the Quebec-Windsor corridor to make it worthwhile to implement a fast train service, according to the head of the French railroad society.
Pascal Lupo, CEO of the Paris-based SNCF, said yesterday the success of such a rail line would depend on the strategies put forward by the cities that are home to 18 million people along the route.
"Conditions are good and results could be interesting because of the distances, demographics and the way the population is spread out along the corridor," Mr. Lupo said in Quebec City, where he praised the benefits of a fast train before a chamber of commerce.


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  1. Itchy and Scractchy13 January 2010 at 09:57

    The head of SNCF has a clear conflict of interest in making these statements because his company has a lot to gain in new business if such a project would go forward. His statements should not be given too much weight. I wonder what the head of Air Canada might say about the billions that would be spent from taxpayer's money to construct these rail lines!


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