Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a target!

When Harper came out with his old Target of -3% from 1990 levels by 2020 many environmentalists were angry. Because the Kyoto protocol which Canada signed stats that we have to reduce are emission by 6% from 1990 by 2012. Canada's new target is increasing emissions by 2.5% from 1990 levels by 2020. Canada is going in the wrong direction. Instead of lowering our emissions we increased them from 1990 levels. The worst part is that the U.S came out with the same target. Jim Prentice even said that this target will be hard. this target is not at all hard, the European Union said they will follow the Kyoto protocol and reduce their emission by 6% from 1990 levels by 2012, and they are very close to reaching that target so if E-U can do it why can't we.
While the government's previous emission targets, announced in 2006, would have resulted in a 3-per-cent reduction in emissions over 1990 levels, these latest targets will actually increase emissions by 2.5 per cent, said Dave Martin, a climate and energy co-ordinator with Greenpeace.
“We're heading in exactly the opposite direction that we need to head,” Mr. Martin said. “Not only have they reneged on the target that they adopted a couple of years ago, they have also failed to put in place the regulations that they promised last year.”
He said the lack of details on how to achieve those emission cuts is indicative of the real problem the Conservative government has with the climate change issue. 


  1. you think mr. harper cares? no you think mr. harper really wants to do anything? no what does mr. harper really care about?

  2. Is the Liberal postiion still Kyoto targets?

  3. What does he care about?......,himself first, and then oil buddies.

  4. We have learned that targets don't mean very much, whether too ambitious, or whether seemingly weak and meek. The specifics of taxation and public policy are much more important and in this case the devil lies in the details, not in wasteful debate about which target number is artificially picked.


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