Thursday, November 26, 2009

Attending Copenhagen

Now I've learned that not only does Stephen Harper want to kill Copenhagen, he doesn't want to go there.
Harper has said he would make the trek to Copenhagen only if other major leaders also attend and has designated Environment Minister Jim Prentice to lead the Canadian delegation.
"I have always been clear, if there is a meeting of all major leaders involving climate change, I will of course attend," Harper said during question period. "I would just note that President Obama has not confirmed his attendance at the leaders' meeting in Copenhagen. In fact, I have discussed the matter with him directly."

Why would he only go there if "all major leaders involving climate change" are there? We have a responsibility to protect our future. Obviously, Stephen Harper was just making an excuse not to go to Copenhagen. This is not the time to make excuses. We have to be truthful with ourselves. We must act fast on climate change and our government is just barring the way.


  1. This governement does not believe that GHG cause climate change.Why should he attend if the conservatives think that climate change is a conspiracy to redistribute wealth?

  2. Stephen Harper has to do the laundry that day.Cab Copenhagen be postponed until the week after.


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