Thursday, November 12, 2009

H1N1 Flu Exaggerated

In the poll, conducted exclusively for CBC News, Canadians were asked their opinion of the public level of concern over the risks associated with the virus.
Fifty-three per cent said the level of concern about swine flu is exaggerated, considering the real risks involved with the virus. Thirty-seven per cent said the concern was consistent with the level of risk, and 10 per cent said the level of risk was understated.

The risks of the flu are not exaggerated. Seemingly healthy people have died with this disease. The vaccine is to stop the spread of the disease. The more people get it, the less the disease will spread. The less the disease spreads, the less people get sick. Then, less people die. I do have to agree that the media has over-covered the H1N1 flu.


  1. I think people should get the H1N1 flu shot. I also think hysteria is not helpful. The number of deaths have been quite small. 161 deaths since the original outbreak several months ago. In a regular flu out break we oftnn have thousands of deaths.
    I had my shot 2 weeks ago. I think people should remain calm. The media and the opposition shoul stop using this for cheap political points.

  2. The media often focuses on the H1N1 deaths to create hysteria. I think it would be more helpful if they provided weekly statistics so a clear picture of the morbidity and mortality of this disease is evident.

    There is something to be said, however, for the increased vaccination rate probably secondary to the media hysteria. It is exceedingly difficult to get healthcare workers to be vaccinated. However, with the media scare, vaccination rates among healthcare workers are probably in the 90s which is a new record.


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