Monday, November 23, 2009

Closed-door environmental discussions

Jim Prentice, Canada's environment minister has closed the doors on environmental discussions. There is no public input into what appears at his meetings, nor do we know what is going on. I agree with this article by Matt Price on the fact that this is an important time in climate decisions. We need to lower emissions now. And it's a shame that our government isn't doing a good job.
The tragedy here is that this will be perhaps the most significant piece of economic and environmental policy in the history of the country. It will either chart the course for Canada to be a leader in the next industrial revolution as the world economy decarbonizes, or it will fall short and leave Canada in its current last-place position in this regard behind our competitors. All Canadians alive today and their offspring have a massive stake in this initiative, and they are being shut out.

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  1. It gets too drafty if the door is left open.


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