Friday, November 20, 2009

Tremblay's gamble with Bergeron

Tremblay has named Bergeron to the city's executive committee. He is responsible for urban planning. This is a great move on Tremblay's behalf. It draws the council together and lets the opposition help in the organisation of the city. In my opinion, this will help make Montreal a better place. Bergeron is a professor in urban planning. He disagrees with Tremblay on many issues such as Ste-Catherine street but he will help balance the committee. He wants less cars and much more green space. Hopefully, Bergeron will get his way most of the time. Tremblay can still vote him down whenever he wants.
That Bergeron has this file does not, of course, mean that his views will always prevail. The other members of the executive committee can vote him down. But it's instructive to look at his past positions on issues that the committee will have to deal with in the months and years ahead.

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  1. I think Tremblay's move is politically savvy. It's better to have your foe close to you. that way, you can track his moves. In any case, maybe there will be a mind meld.


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