Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Projet Montréal: the best choice

I support Projet Montréal. They have the best policies, the best leader and the best projects of all the parties. Gérald Tremblay  is not corrupt, but his underlings are. He should have payed more attention to his colleagues doings. So we cannot trust him to be constantly vigilant in city hall. Louise Harel is a sovereigntist but that is not why she's not to be supported. She was the one who masterminded the "une île, une ville" mergers. Mergers can be good, but only if they are handled in the right way. And she still believes that the mergers were good for the island. She hasn't learned from her mistakes. Projet Montréal has the best environmental policies and the best for Montreal. His public transit plan includes reducing the number of cars on the road and making the streets more friendly to bicycles and pedestrians. This usually helps tourism. More tourists mean more business and that is good for the city. His plan also includes an extensive tram project which also increases tourism. He would like to make the public transit users get much better service. Public transport would be much more comfortable than what it is now. Therefore, more car users would be attracted to it as it has been proved in many other cities. This would reduce emissions moving us closer to a cleaner environment. If Stephen Harper won't save the environment, then Projet Montréal will.

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