Saturday, November 28, 2009

Humane society investagation continues

Trow was arrested last Thursday on allegations of animal cruelty. Mr trow already denies any wrong doing and has said that he has never been unkind to an animal in his life.Although photos of dozens of animals on the globe and mail beg to differ(I must advise that some of the pictures on the the article that says photos are very disturbing). The OSPCA has also charged multiple other employees for animal abuse. I think that this incidence is completely a loss for all animal lovers in not only Toronto but all over the world, so I say why not have surprise inspections so the animals can be safe.

 “I’ve never been unkind to an animal in my life,” Mr Trow said. That discovery “sent a chill right down my spine,” said Kevin Strooband, an OSPCA officer with 19 years of experience. “This is unbelievable. I’m still reeling ... This is a house of horrors.”

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