Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inoculating the garbage

Everyone throughout Canada knows about the terrible gaffe of our government. Our vaccinations were scheduled much later than many other countries even though most experts say that it is too late for inoculations. Many other mistakes were committed, especially on the priority list. Health care workers were one of the first on the list, but what about their families? The family could contaminate the health worker's stuff which they bring to work and indirectly hurt his or her colleagues or patients. Seniors over 65 are also one of the last on the list. They are one of the most vulnerable groups of residents. Another issue is the throwing out factor. After inoculating patients in long term care, any extra vaccines are thrown out. They are not able to be stored for later use.  They cannot be used on any other people. Why are we wasting perfectly good vaccines when we could be using them on other people? The people responsible are saying that we don't have enough vaccines and that's why people are being turned away. However, we do have enough stock of vaccine, in the garbage!

Everyone knows that children are where all sicknesses spread. They go to school every day for eight hours. They touch everything there. Right after, they touch their faces. Then they get sick with H1N1. They bring the disease home, and contaminate their families. That is how it spreads. However, our government has chosen to  vaccinate the children last. This eases the spread of the disease throughout the whole community. We must get ready for the aftershock of this mistake.

For one example of using the vaccine click here.

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