Thursday, November 19, 2009

Local TV Matters

Most of you have probably heard about "Local TV Matters." The big cable companies get to carry these local television channels for free. Normally, only a number of people who don't have cable would be able to get these for free. That number includes me. I don't have cable, satellite or any illegal kind of television. Just plain old antenna. Those cable companies are charging you for free channels while they don't even pay a cent to the local broadcasters such as CBC. They're laughing all the way to the boardroom. But you can stop them from ripping you off. Go to, and put your name on the list. Make those cable companies pay. You have a choice: you can control the cable companies, or let the companies control you.
"Since deregulation, consumers have been hit with fee hike after fee hike," said Paul Sparks, CTVglobemedia's executive vice-president of corporate affairs. "It's clear that consumers don't want their bill to increase and we agree."


  1. If paying for cable service meant no commercials it would be worth the extra cost. Why should I pay close to $100 for a complete cable service and be forced to watch tons of commercials.

  2. Local TV is a dilly concept. Local stations often have only 5-10 employees and produce only a few minutes of local programming per week, which few people are interested in watching.

    If local TV mattered there would be more viewers and advertisers would pay high prices to reach there viewers and support local TV in the process. Internet has killed local TV. Let it die a peaceful death.

  3. Wallace and Gromit20 November 2009 at 09:02

    I love cheese and crackers!


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