Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Blame Game

OK world leaders, let's play the blame game. Harper: We can't reduce our emissions until the emerging countries like China does. Canada is one of the countries blocking an environmental agreement. Harper's solution is to play the blame game. he says that the emerging countries have to agree to an agreement too. Why can't we all do our own part to combat rising emissions. I'm sure that Canada will be one of the countries blocking a fair and binding climate treaty in Copenhagen in December. Canada should reduce emissions instead of blaming other countries.
Emerging economies already contribute close to half of all global emissions, and that proportion will rise to two-thirds in the future, he told reporters.
"If we don't control those, whatever we do in the developed world will have no impact on climate change," Harper said.

What we do will help stop climate change. Everything helps. If we reduce emissions, other countries will feel the need to reduce emissions too.

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