Monday, November 16, 2009

Bloody Oil

I have come across an article which states that the tar sands in Alberta not only destroy the environment, they cause cancer. Meanwhile, the Harper government is only letting the tar sands expand. I'm glad these three women are going to try to partially stop the exploitation of this bloody oil.
"British companies and investors … are driving this project, which is contaminating our land, food, water, air and forests and pushing wildlife out of our traditional territories," Deranger said.

"It is causing rare forms of cancer in our communities, which is why we call it 'bloody oil.' These companies are complicit in the biggest environmental crime on the planet and yet very few people in the U.K. even know that it's happening."

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  1. Relying on dirty and bloody oil is better than relying on dangerous and unstable countires for our oil. At least there is a public process to partially mitigate the danger and harm from our own oil sources.


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