Thursday, November 26, 2009

Infiltration of Humane Society

Can you believe that a man who is president of the Humane Society in Toronto abused animals? Tim Trow is accused of animal cruelty and if found guilty could get a 2000$ fine and serve 6 month in jail. The Ontario branch of the SPCA has launched an investigation in this and have seen that some of the animals in the cages are in poor condition. I think that the SPCA should carry out random surprise investigations in "Humane Societies." This would keep the presidents alert and make sure that they don't abuse the animals.
Christopher Avery, a Bay Street criminal lawyer representing the OSPCA, said Mr. Trow's own dog, Bandit, attacked a police officer during the arrest on Thursday. It was pepper sprayed.
He also outlined the poor conditions of a number of animals.
"[OSPCA] officer [Kevin] Strooband recalled one animal in particular. He came in and lifted a cat and its skin came off in his hands," Mr. Avery told reporters outside the THS building.


  1. Who should make random inspections of SPCA inspectors?

  2. Can I have some chickens please.


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