Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Metro is not Madness

The Montreal Metro is a reliable system. Analyst Richard Anderson compared them to transit systems around the world. Our metro rivaled closely to the modern Asian subways. Our fleet is very old. The newest metro car is almost 30 years old! This good reliability can only be due to the great maintenance crews of the STM. I thank all of them for their excellent work.
"These métros here have a lot of incidents. These métros are not reliable," Anderson said yesterday, nodding to the highest columns on the left-hand side of a bar chart calculating the number of service interruptions of five minutes or more logged by more than two dozen of the world's subway systems.
"These are predominantly European and North American métros.
 "These guys down here," he said, referring to columns on the right so short they barely poked above the chart's baseline, "are predominantly modern and Asian métros."
In comparison with its North American and European peers, the Société de transport de Montréal's service reliability ranked very high, Anderson said.
The STM records about 12 stoppages per every million kilometres travelled annually. Given that the most breakdown-prone métro system recorded 315, it's an achievement worth showing off.étro+reliable+service/2267136/story.html


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