Monday, November 30, 2009

Canadian Election Not Likely

Are you one of the few Canadians that are worried about another election? An election will probably not happened now, or even a while from now. A new poll by Ekos shows that the conservative party are 2% below the last poll which puts them at 35.7%. The Liberals are at 27.1% so the Tory's just lost their 10% lead. If Harper wants a fall of government he will need the other party's to vote no on a bill he presents. If Stephen presents a bill he will need the Liberals the Bloc and the NDP to vote no.The Liberals will pass the bill because there way behind in the polls. The Bloc will pass the bill because they are still stuck down at around 37% (in Quebec), and would probably have the same amount of seats and lose a little in its vote share. The NDP will also allow the bill to pass because they are still down in the polls. Why would Jack Layton call an election if he will not only lose seats but may lose his power in parliament if Stephen Harper gets a majority out of his lose of seats? According to this, all three parties will probably vote to pass the bill, and Stephen needs all three of them to vote no, and the only party that would want an election are the Green party because they are 5.3% higher than they were in 2008.


  1. Elections are better than skunks but not as good as grizzly bears!

  2. Q: What party does vanillaman support?

    A: The Vanilla Bean Party.


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