Monday, November 30, 2009

Get the Vaccine

There are still a lot more Quebecers to vaccinate against the Influenza A H1N1. This is not good news. Getting the vaccine not only protects you, it also protects others. By allowing yourself to be inoculated, you're protecting anyone you have an interaction with. This gives the virus nowhere to go. It means that it will just end up dying instead of us being killed. If you don't want to protect yourself, think of all the people you love who you want to be protected. Getting vaccinated is very important for everyone. There are very short lines at these CSSS, so there it's very fast. Personally, the whole process took 30 minutes at Alexis Nihon Plaza.

At vaccination centres in the former Allancroft School in Beaconsfield and Cavendish Mall in Côte St. Luc Saturday there were no long lines or mad rush for the vaccine, or for appointment coupons. People were generally in and out within 45 minutes.
At Allancroft, some people were able to walk in without appointment coupons late Saturday morning and get vaccines without waiting at all.
Bolduc said at his morning news conference that 33 per cent of Quebecers had received the vaccine by Friday night. Restrictions on who can get the vaccine will have been lifted in all regions of Quebec by Monday.
“I had no hesitation about getting the vaccine,” said Radu Vintila of Île Bizard, who visited the Allancroft facility just before noon. “I have a scientific background and I believe in medicine.”
Victoria de Takacsy’s two children had already been vaccinated but they accompanied her to Allancroft for her shot.
“It took no time at all, I had my coupon, it was 30 minutes,” said deTakacsy.


  1. The government should give away free coupons to McDonalds for every person that gets a vaccine.

  2. Doesn't the vaccine contain plutonium and radioactive frog's legs? YUK!


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