Sunday, May 01, 2011

History Will Be Made

in the 41st Canadian election. All the polls have one thing in common: the NDP is way up and the Liberals have tanked. Not only that, but they are closing in on Harper. I doubt they could form the government, but there will be questions asked about the future of the Liberal Party and uniting the left.

I do not think that a merger would be viable. These parties are more different than you'd think. What really needs to happen is electoral reform. The opposition parties must unite to force a bill supporting proportional representation. Then, maybe a merger like the Liberal/National coalition could form between the Canadian Liberals and NDP. They would be able to maintain their own platforms and run candidates against each other while keeping the advantage of power.

A merger would be possible, but only after voting reform.

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  1. I agree with your assessment that electoral reform is necessary. Hopefully the Liberals will finally see the wisdom of that position which they have, until now, resisted because of their own wish to benefit from the system's problems.

    Though I am not a Liberals supporter I fear the idea that the Liberals would simply disappear and/or merge into the Cons and NDP. This would not serve the nation because it pushes us toward a more American style two party system of simple divisiveness.


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