Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gingrich Runs.

Gingrich the former house leader of the house of Representatives is going to announce his run for president on wendsday therefore now one of the so called real contender's for president. Although so far the top three are Huckabee, Romney and Palin, but advance polls aren't always good. In fact scratch that. There almost always wrong. In 1992 Bill Clinton was the last on the democratic list for nominee's. In 2004 Howard Dean was the front runner for the nomination. In 2008 Hillary Clinton was leading the pact, and in 2008 Rudy Guiliani was ahead of all the other contender's. So Gingrich may still have a chance to become the president. Of course I don't support him he killed health care in the 1990's, and he supporgts the tea parties idea's so I won't cast my support for any Republican, and considering the Republican field I don't intend to support any Republican. Obama seem's to be the best of the worst so far. There are no moderate's in the Republican party anymore. Even the usually centerist John McCain is now one of the most Republican senator in the congress of the U.S. I lost a lot of the resoect I have for the Republican party

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