Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Now What?

The Liberal team has worked hard, as has Michael Ignatieff. But, it seems like hard work does not always pay off, as the past is hard to forget. The problem of the Liberal Party reaches beyond just leadership. Since the sponsorship scandal, the Liberals have slowly degraded.

We must realize that it will take many years, decades before trust us restored. People will not readily return to the Liberal Party. But, changing leaders will not solve the issues that haunt the Liberal. The core problems will not disappear with the leaders. It has been demonstrated time and time again with Martin, Dion and Ignatieff, each successively losing seats. Michael Ignatieff must stay on as leader.

We fought hard, we put forward good policies and we had a great time. It was fun.

Thank you and until the next time!

Merci et à la prochaine!

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