Thursday, May 26, 2011

NDP On Quebec

The NDP leader Jack Layton said that Quebec would just need 50% +1 to be it's own country. That is just crazy. You can't just destroy and split up a country with a simple majority. I would not accept if just 50% +1 of Quebec wants to be it's own country. You would need much more in order to take apart a country. I think a super-majority (2/3) is a good clear majority in order to take Quebec out of confederation. Anything lower shouldn't be accepted. A simple majority is too little for something too important. In BC you need 60% to pass Single transferable votes. It didn't pass twice in the province even though one time it passed by 58%. So democratic reform is should be harder to pass then independence of a province that has been in the country for over 140 years.


  1. Interestingly nobody thought holding referendums till you got the right answer with a 50% threshold was inappropriate for Newfoundland to join Canada.

  2. what is especially interesting is that the people who would accept a 50+1 for the referendum to split quebec from canada would only accept a supermajority, not just in votes, but in voter turnout, for the de-merging of the montreal cities from the super city (yes, I am looking at you, Mz. Harel).


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