Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Election Night Recap!

Now as if this election needed much of a recap, but some good news came out of the election. First the Green party got there first seat in Parliament now copying the elections in Australia and U.K where the Green party got there first elected seat in there countries Parliament. I hope Elisabeth May keeps her seat and now will be welcomed to the debate without a question. Even though the Green party lost votes I think that was just, because for the first time the Green party spent there time in one riding, because unlike the others parties they can't get seats running a national campaign. The Bloc got destroyed, but if the NDP don't satisfy Quebec they may go back to the Bloc, but I am happy they voted against the Separatist party. The worst part is that the Conservatives got a majority. I wonder how Harper will govern now that he has a majority. I also wonder what his budget will be like if it will include anything different, and I wonder if Harper will still follow the rules of Parliament or now that he has a majority he won't have to.


  1. The loss of votes means a loss of money for the grits, bq and greens, even if the Tories don't cut the $2/vote subsidy. And the Tories will cut that subsidy.
    Perhaps the opposition parties could discuss real issues instead of constant slinging of mud. It is clear Canadians paid no attention to much of what the opposition said and voted in a Tory majority.
    The people of Quebec have once again said they want to be outside the corridors of power.
    I am happy the bloq is gone, but the dippers will take their place. There are separatists in the dipper Quebec caucus. Mulcair tried to pass legislation to apply bill 101 to federal institutions.

  2. Roy Mr.John Baird was interviewed yesterday on CBC and he was asked if the gov't would eliminate the $2/vote subsidy and in one word he said "YES!" It will hurt the liberals destroy the bloc and also affect the NDP! I love it!!! ;)


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