Sunday, May 08, 2011

Short Form Census

The Short form census is still  mandatory, but the all important long form census is no longer mandatory. Even though 1 in three Canadians are given the now non mandatory long form census more than the 2006 census, but now that the census isn't mandatory it is no longer a census. A census is polling the entire population even though mandatory census can't always get everyone they tend to get at least 94% while a non mandatory census (more like a poll) gets like 50% attendance. Statisticians throughout the country said that this would get extremely less accurate information. None the less the Conservatives want to spend 30 million dollars more for this less accurate information. Kind of like instead of buying a can of 20 gum balls for 1$ you buying a can of 10 gum balls for 3$. That is what we get from Harper a government that spends more money for lower quality. 30 million dollars is more then the amount of money that political parties get from the vote subsidy. So even if Harper repeals the vote subsidy, it wouldn't make a difference in the deficits, because Harper just blew it all away for nothing. A mandatory long form census helps the economy as it gives vital information even the UN secretary general agrees he said that statistics are a "vital tool for economic and social development." The Conservatives say that the census ask too many private questions, but of the past 20 years there have been no jail times served and only 50 complaints! 50 people out of 35,000,000 people. If the Conservatives are going to destroy everything just, because 50 people want it gone then they might as well abolish capitalism the communist parties in the last election 2925. The good news is that when Harper losses his reelection in 2015 the Liberals could be able to reinstate the mandatory long form census before the census year 2016.


  1. For God's sake man, use spell-check.

  2. sorry spell check wasn't working I fix the problem now


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