Friday, May 06, 2011

Electoral Reform!

The deal made by the Conservatives and Lib Dems is that they would form the next government, but there has to be a referendum on electoral reform for the Lib Dems to be happy. I support changes to electoral reform. In the U.K the system that was put up on referendum was voted on May 5th. The U.K people unfortunately voted against IRV was unfortunate, But that shouldn't discourage us from changing are electoral reform. Just look at the last election 40% of people voted conservative yet Harper has a majority that in the House of Commons represents more than 50%. How is it fair that 60% of people voted for other parties yet a party that gets less than 40% gets a majority. We need to change our electoral system, and the fact that a referendum was put up for a vote in the U.K is an important first step.  


  1. IRV (AV) is not a proportional voting system. If it were proposed for Canada or the provinces, it is likely that advocates for proportional representation would NOT support IRV/AV. As a supporter of proportional representation, I would not support the Alternative Vote as a first step toward PR. Anything that is not proportional is not democratic.

  2. AV has already been defeated by a tremendous margin and the LibDems say they're not going to introduce it again during this Parliament.

  3. It is just as fair when Chretien got his majority on less then 40 %.
    Were you complaining then?

  4. All three of Chretien's majorities were 40% or less.

    Outside of Quebec the Conservatives had more votes than the NDP and the Libs combined.

    At the provincial level (In BC and Que. for example) parties have won majorities while recieving fewer votes than the official opposition.

    Get over it. You lost.

  5. Get a your same logic, 75% of voters voted against the liberal party

  6. Skinny Dipper
    I support Proportianal representation I do think it is more democratic then IRV. But why would you not support IRV a system much better than FPTP, because it is not PR. I agree PR would be great But i would rather have something then nothing and maybe eventually move to PR.

    Rotterdam and annonymous
    yes Chretien got a majority 3 times with only 40% and that i will agree with you isn't good and that is why we should move to Proportional representation

    It's true 80% didn't vote for the Liberals, and the Liberals only have 10% of the seats. The Conservatives have 40% and they have more than 50% of the seats we need Proportinal representation or at least something like IRV.


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