Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Delay It, but not by That Much

Some Liberals have been saying that we should choose a leader right away, as Canadian politics is a one-man show and if we get the leader right, success will follow. On the other side, the board of the Liberal Party has released a statement saying that the next leadership vote will be held from mid-2012 to 2013. This is a significant delay over the party constitution which states that a leadership convention must be held within six months.

Leaders are an integral part of politics, as the Orange Crush in Quebec happened basically on Jack Layton's back. But, the populace seem to have a chronic mistrust of the Liberal Party itself, stemming from the sponsorship scandal. Also, the Liberal Party's rules are old and outdated. It is not just the leadership that must be changed; the whole party must be revamped.

Therefore, I propose that updates to the party are done vigorously over the next year and a half and the leadership convention is held in early 2012.
OTTAWA — The federal Liberals could stretch out their next leadership race until the summer of 2013, under recommendations from the party’s senior management that were released Tuesday.
The party’s national board said it wanted to move forward with this plan “solely with a view to the interests of the party as a whole having full regard to the views and rights of its members and to the unprecedented situation in which the party finds itself.”
Read more at the National Post.

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  1. I'm not a liberal party supporter but I think a quick leadership would make sense because then it would gove the leader more time to rebuild the party over the next 4 years. However a leadership race over a year or longer can be divisive. So, to avoid that issue the liberals better come up with a plan that deals with their signicficant rebuilding issues without having potentials divisions from popping up.


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