Sunday, May 29, 2011

President Giuliani!

The latest poll in the republican party is that the leader of the pact is Rudy Giuliani (the guy who isn't running just yet). Romney is second and he is due to make it official in one week. Another guy who is going to be in the race is Rick Santorum he is only polling at 2%. Now this again means nothing for two reasons. Rudy Giuliani ran for president in 2008 and was the front runner and ended up losing big. The second reason is that in this poll Rudy is only leading  by 1%. I still think currently the front runner is Romney, because he still is leading New Hampshire,  he should have an easy time in Nevada, Since Huckabee isn't running Iowa could be all but his, he is well known, and still on the top of the list in the Republican party. The only thing that is going for Rudy Giuliani is that he is well known and his 9/11 experience. Which I don't get. If Osama is dead why would Rudy be more popular I thought he would be less. Rudy if he runs should be able to fundraising a good amount which could help him in getting support, but I think the Rudy Giuliani lead isn't going to last. 

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