Monday, May 02, 2011


                          I know since the election was called our Blog has been hoping that people throughout Canada will vote with the party that is fiscally responsible and has a clear vision for Canada. That Party is the Liberals, but now let's get away from what party you should vote for to a more pressing issue for me.
                          In the last election the party that got the most votes was the INGTV party which stands for (I'm Not Going To Vote Party) In the last election this party got 41% of the eligible voters of Canada. This party got 9.8 million votes nation wide. Beating out all the other parties. If these voters actually created a party on the ballot they could actually win an election, but some people think that voting doesn't matter, because one vote can't make a difference. That kind of thinking is what creates the rapidly growing INGTV party. This parties platform includes doing nothing and allowing other people to make the descion for you. If you don't vote May 2nd you can't complain about the result. If there is a Tory majority that cuts health care and you didn't even vote you can't complain saying if you voted Harper that you didn't know that's what you were voting for. And if you voted for another party you could complain, because you try to stop it. The strongest activist of this party are the youth. Apparently the platform appeals to the younger generation, but I don't think that that is true. This year many youth groups have been trying to get out the vote. Advance polls are showing a 30% rise in participation. We need to keep this moving in the right direction. The party that I want to lose on May 2nd more than the Conservatives is the INGTV party of Canada. They are bad for Canada and are the worst thing for our democracy. One of my solution to try and raise voter participation is to create proportional representation. Studies have shown that countries with proportional representation have much higher voter turnout then countries with FPTP (First Past The Post)

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  1. The best kind of voting for a large country like ours is the Australian Preferential voting.
    I voted at the Advance polls thank goodness.


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