Sunday, May 15, 2011

Huckabee Won't Run.

One of the most like able and most suggestion as the solution to beat Obama in 2012 was Huckabee, But this Saturday Huckabee said that he wouldn't run. Now the Question becomes where is Hucabee's supporters going to go. In the latest polls it has him leading Iowa the first state to vote in the primaries. Now Romney who is currently in the exploratory committee mode seems to be the front runner. Romney in 2008 had a problem winning states in the beginning. In Iowa he lost to Huckcabee who won the rural areas very well, Then the next state New Hamshire went to McCain by a very slim margin. Now that Huckcabee isn't running and McCain won't run Romney should be the clear target of many Republicans. Romney might still have a problem in the south, but Huckabee was the southern favorite in 2008, so Romney might want to try and grab those voters, but another southerner might be Romney's clear enemy in 2012. Gingrinch! Now that Huckcabee is no longer in the race the whole election map is now turned upside down, and any guess is right were the polls are going to go. But right now the only major candidate according to the polls who has declared there candidacy is Gingrinch

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